David Draiman On How Disturbed Got Ann Wilson’s Attention

Just a couple of months ago, the world of rock music was abuzz when Dan Donegan and John Moyer of Disturbed unveiled plans for a music video featuring Ann Wilson. Recently, frontman David Draiman provided some additional context on this collaboration in an interview with Classic Rock.

The Heart vocalist and Disturbed‘s joint effort, ‘Don’t Tell Me,’ was created during the making of the latter’s eighth studio album, ‘Divisive,’ released last year. According to Draiman, there was a particular aspect of the band’s work that caught Wilson’s attention and led to this duet.

Asked about Ann Wilson’s admiration for Disturbed’s cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound of Silence’ during the interview, the band’s vocalist explained:

“I imagine that’s what got her attention. One day I was blown away by being involved in a Twitter exchange with her and Bruce Dickinson, who was complimenting her as one of the greatest female rock voice of all time.

I prefer to think of her as one of the greatest voices, regardless [of gender]. We just shot a video for that song with her, and it was a crazy experience. Ann is unbelievably intimidating, and I don’t think she even knows it.”

Adding to Draiman’s account, Dan Donegan, in a separate discussion with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio station, expressed his thoughts on the duet and Heart singer’s involvement. His observations in 2022 supported the vocalist’s recent comments about the development of this collaboration.

The Disturbed guitarist’s words read:

“Ann Wilson had mentioned before — she tweeted about us before. A few years back, somebody asked her in an interview or whatever if there’s anything new out there or newer musically that she’s heard that she’s a fan of. She mentioned she loved our version of ‘The Sound Of Silence.’ And that opened the door to a social media friendship between her and David Draiman.

Then when we wrote this song, it seemed like it would lend itself to Ann’s voice and then trying to see that merge between her and David’s voices together. She jumped on the opportunity. Immediately she responded, and we were, like, ‘Holy sh-t. She just said yes to this.’”

While fans eagerly await the release of ‘Don’t Tell Me’ music video, no specific date has been released yet. In the meantime, Disturbed is preparing for a European tour set to commence in Austria this coming June. On a similar note, Wilson has a lineup of shows starting in Dublin, Ohio, in July.