David Crosby Shares His Opinions On Mark Knopfler

In a recent interview with Clash Music, the Byrds’ former frontman David Crosby talked about the British musicians who have influenced him.

Crosby recently released a brand new album named ‘For Free,’ which is a 37-minutes long album featuring a total of ten songs. It is Crosby’s eighth studio album, and it peaked at No. 2 in UK Independent Albums.

While celebrating the release of his latest album, Crosby was asked which British musicians have influenced his career. As for the answer, Crosby put lots of names on the list, such as David Gilmour and Mark Knopfler.

Crosby pointed out that The Beatles was his favorite band back in the day and said that they changed his life forever. Then, he didn’t forget to praise David Gilmour and stated that he has a wonderful personality.

Afterward, Crosby mentioned that Mark Knopfler is a great guitarist, singer, and songwriter. In this way, he showed his respect to the iconic guitarist and revealed how much he likes Knopfler’s work.

David Crosby revealed the British musicians that influenced his career in the conversation:

“Well know, I have, I mean, until I discovered Steely Dan, The Beatles were my favorite band… and they changed my life; there’s no question they changed my life. Absolutely wonderful artists. Then you’ve got later people, like David Gilmour – a big influence on me.

I think he’s a wonderful musician, and a wonderful guy. Knopfler – what a guitar player; what a writer, what a singer. I love a number of British artists, frankly. Still do.”

More in the interview, David Crosby also talked about his newest album ‘For Free’ and touched upon the songwriting process and shared his opinion about the songs in it.