David Crosby Says He Was Tricked Into Smoking Angel Dust

The co-founding member and co-lead vocalist of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and The Byrds, David Crosby, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and revealed that there was a time he was encouraged to smoke a joint with some friends but got a scary high as it was laced with PCP and no one had warned him.

Aside from a famous rockstar, Crosby is also a well-known social media personality. He often enjoys using his Twitter account to share his views on social and political matters, discuss rock music and musicians, and share his experiences. One of the things that he likes doing the most is interacting with his fans which often leads to numerous revelations.

Recently, Crosby had revealed that even though he did a lot of acid when he was young, he doesn’t anymore because he’s 80 years old. Following that, a fan responded to Crosby and said that he was tricked into trying PCP or Angel Dust in the ’70s, which turned out to be one of the scariest experiences they’ve ever had.

To this, Crosby responded by saying that the same thing was done to him too. He’d gone to a friend’s party and was offered a joint which got him very high. Later, when he found out about the Angel Dust in it, he ‘explained’ to the person who did this why it is very wrong and risky.

A Crosby fan told their story about being tricked into having PCP with the following words:

“I went to the house of a friend of a friend… Late 70’s. He passed a laughable pin joint. Only after did I learn it was laced with PCP, (which is very uncool). It was a scary high… Was afraid I’d never come down. Never that high before or since, thankfully.”

To which David responded by saying:

“Had that done to me as well… not ok… I ‘explained’ that to the person who did it.”

You can check out both tweets below.