David Crosby Reveals The Real Reason Behind Why Bob Dylan And Neil Young Are Selling Their Catalogs


The vocalist and co-founder of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, David Crosby responded to a fan’s question about why musicians like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, or himself decided to sell their catalogs.

The 79-years-old rock musician David Crosby has been using his Twitter account quite actively to share his personal opinions on certain social and political issues as well as the other musicians and bands.

As you may recall, the iconic musician Bob Dylan previously announced that he will be selling his entire songwriting catalog to Universal music since he isn’t able to perform anymore under the current circumstances around the world. Soon later, it was revealed that another well-known musician, Neil Young, decided to sell half of the worldwide copyright and publishing rights of his song catalog.

Following the news of his fellow musicians’ selling their catalogs, David Crosby also revealed that he was selling his records as well. In his previous tweets, Crosby mentioned that he was forcibly retired considering the current circumstances.

Recently, a Twitter user asked David Crosby to share his opinions on Bob Dylan and Neil Young regarding their decision to sell their records and wanted to know the real reason behind it. In his response to the fan’s question, Crosby stated that he, Dylan, and Young are all not able to work at the moment and implied that it was an obvious reason to sell their catalogs by saying ‘duh.’

Here is what Crosby’s fan asked on Twitter:

“Any thoughts on artists selling their publishing (Dylan, Neil, etc)? Is it their age, or is there something about the state of music?”

To which David Crosby responded:

We can’t work ……. duh

You can see the tweet David Crosby posted on his Twitter account below.

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