David Crosby Reflects On His Contribution To George Harrison’s Music

The founding member and co-lead vocalist of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Byrds, David Crosby, recently responded to a fan’s tweet about whether he helped the Beatles’ George Harrison during the journey of finding his sound.

David Crosby is one of the most active social media users in the rock scene, and he often uses the platform to share his thoughts on music, his life, and the latest news and interact with his fans. One of the most frequently asked questions is regarding his friendship with rock icons, such as the Beatles. Since they rose to fame around the same years, the two young rock bands often crossed paths.

While many would think there was rivalry between them, they actually shared several experiences. In 1965, the Byrds members were invited to Zsa Zsa Gabor’s house, also known as ‘The Beatles party house‘ in Los Angeles, and it is speculated that they dropped LSD with Peter Fonda. David Crosby also recently recalled helping the Beatles members find weed while visiting the United States. However, it is also known that Crosby was closest with George Harrison, and he has revealed several times that he introduced the Beatle to Indian music.

As you may know, Harrison studied Indian culture and Hinduism very closely and interacted with many gurus. However, David Crosby became worried and wrote a song to warn him not to get too captivated by the culture and religion. The musician was recently asked whether he introduced Harrison to Ravi Shankar, the world-renowned Indian sitarist and composer and popularized Indian classical music, especially after his friendship with George Harrison.

The CSNY icon responded by saying that he doesn’t think that he introduced the Beatle to the sitar virtuoso but recalled giving Harrison a Shankar record to him. While trying not to take full credit for influencing George Harrison’s career to this extent, David said that if he has helped George ‘find all that music,’ then it is probably one of the few great things he has done. Crosby also noted that he is delighted to be the one who helped him find his sound.

A fan asked the following question:

“I would love to hear David Crosby’s recollection of introducing George Harrison to Ravi Shankar – where were you? What’s the story?”

To which David Crosby responded:

“I don’t think I ‘introduced’ George to Ravi… I did give him Ravi’s record at the time, and if that helped or if I helped George find all that music? Then good on me for once… I’m happy as hell I did it.”

You can check out the tweet below.