David Crosby Recalls Helping The Beatles Find Weed When They Came To U.S.

CSNY icon David Crosby spoke to Los Angeles Times and remembered the first time The Beatles came to the US and called him for a very particular reason. The singer explained why the band asked him to find some weed after their crazy experience in England.

David Crosby was fighting his severe drug addiction problems, which cost his wealth and health, for a very long time until he realized that he had to battle his addictions. After getting arrested for drugs many times and going through challenging times, Crosby decided to stay sober, and he recently stated that he hasn’t used drugs for years, except for soft ones, such as weed.

The singer revealed that he has been smoking weed for sixty years, and according to him, it hasn’t had a negative effect on his health and life but has been a great source of inspiration and creativity. Recently, Crosby collaborated with Steven Sponder to create his own cannabis brand named ‘Mighty Croz.’ Therefore, after the musician’s various statements about weed, it’s not surprising that he was the one who introduced The Beatles ‘the actual weed.’

During his interview, Crosby said that people in England were smoking a mixture of hash and tobacco. However, he was used to joints, and when they met up, he offered one to The Beatles members. George Harrison and John Lennon liked it so much that they called Crosby when they came to California shortly after their cannabis party. They asked Crosby to get them some weed, and Crosby obeyed their wish.

Here’s what the journalist asked:

“You were responsible for helping The Beatles find weed when they came to the US for the first time. Am I getting that right?”

Crosby responded:

“In England back then, they had only hash and would mix it with tobacco. Now, I get there, and I’m used to rolling joints. It’s a really good weed, and I give George Harrison a joint of a real weed. He likes that, a lot better than hash and tobacco… George was like really… John even more… Then when they came of course to California, I was the first call, and they said ‘Coz, we need some of that. You got to get over here right now,’ and I did.”

You can watch the interview below.