David Crosby Explains Why He Won’t Go Public With His Cannabis Brand

CSNY icon David Crosby recently joined Los Angeles Times for an interview in which he revealed the reason why he is not thinking about launching his cannabis brand.

Throughout his musical career, David Crosby got in so much trouble due to his severe drug addiction issues. Especially after he lost his girlfriend Christine Hinton in a car crash on September 30, 1969, the musician began abusing drugs more, and this indeed had its effects on his wellbeing.

Crosby’s drug addiction caused him to face legal trouble through many years, and far too many times. He got arrested, spent nine months in prison, was convicted of several drugs and weapons offenses, and almost declared bankruptcy. Considering that he also had some health issues, Crosby decided to get clean and use soft drugs only, such as weed.

Recently, David Crosby collaborated with his friend Steven Sponder to announce his own cannabis brand named ‘Mighty Croz.’ On the brand’s official website, the musician revealed that he has been smoking weed for over fifty years, and he wrote all of his songs while being on cannabis. So, he claimed he has lots of experience to draw upon.

David Crosby stated in his ‘Mighty Croz’ brand’s official website that:

“I’m coming out with a cannabis brand because people around the world have been asking me to do this forever. Other than music, it’s what I’m known for. All those songs – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Byrds… I wrote them all on cannabis – every one of them. I’ve been serious about weed for over 50 years – so I have a lot of experience to draw upon.”

In a recent interview by LA Times, David Crosby talked about creating his own cannabis brand. He stated that they were thinking it would all happen easily, but it didn’t go as expected. The musician then said although it’s a celebrity-backed brand, it’s hard for them to go public until cannabis is legalized at the federal level as they now have to make a separate deal in each state.

During the conversation with LA Times, David Crosby said about having his own cannabis brand the following:

“We thought we’d just jump in and it would all happen. It didn’t happen that way. First of all, celebrity brands didn’t turn out to work anywhere near as well as everybody thought they were gonna. When you can make a national deal, until you can, you have to make a separate deal in each state.

That’s crazy! You can’t do 50 different business deals! What we’re waiting for is seeing, and we have seen, a few people who’ve taken the long view. And that’s what we’re looking for. Because I want to be doing this for the rest of my life, it’s easy, it’s fun and I’m suited for it.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.