The Reason David Gilmour Decided To Fight For Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd has been known for their notorious internal conflicts over the years. They were mainly related to the band’s creative direction and the battle of dominance over the group. Especially the feud between David Gilmour and Roger Waters that escalated in Waters’ final years within the band has continued to this day.

The making process of Pink Floyd’s twelfth studio album, ‘The Final Cut,’ was the last straw for Roger Waters’ eventual departure from the band. Waters and Gilmour experienced a lot of tension regarding the album’s direction, which ultimately dragged them to the point where they would or could no longer work together. Following his latest album with the band, Roger Waters departed from Pink Floyd in 1985.

However, things didn’t calm down as the two sides got into a legal battle. Roger Waters sued the remaining three members for continuing to use the name without him. They finally reached an agreement in 1987. If it weren’t for David Gilmour’s determination and great effort, things could have developed in a different direction, though.

David Gilmour Didn’t Give Up On Pink Floyd

When Roger Waters decided to leave the band in 1985, he aimed to pursue a solo career since he had lost his faith in Pink Floyd. He tried to convince also his bandmates of his belief by suing them. However, David Gilmour and Nick Mason wouldn’t give up that easily. They were determined to keep things going and continue producing as Pink Floyd.

It would be a long and arduous process ahead of them until the lawsuit case was finally resolved. During an interview with Uncut Magazine in 2017, the famous designer Aubrey Powell, who worked with Pink Floyd for a few album covers, and Phil Manzanera, who was the co-producer of Gilmour’s ‘On an Island’ album, opened up about the process of Waters’ departure from the band and David Gilmour’s reaction.

Manzanera stated that although Gilmour seemed like an easygoing person, he was determined to stand behind his own opinions. When he wanted something, he would do anything for it without ever taking a step back. Thus, he wasn’t surprised by the tension between him and Waters. He knows that David Gilmour is the kind of person who will stick to his views.

Then, Powell also confirmed him. When Roger Waters decided to end the band, the designer remembered David Gilmour and Nick Mason stayed determined and thought they also had the right to say something as the group belonged to all of them. Thus, David Gilmour decided to fight for Pink Floyd to save it from totally breaking up. Powell recalled it was a very stressful and challenging time for Gilmour, but he did everything to keep the band together.

Aubrey Powell speaking on David Gilmour’s reaction after Roger Waters’ departure:

“David is stubborn, by his own admission. When Roger decided to fold the band, David and Nick said, ‘Hang on a second. This belongs to us, all of us.’ So David decided to fight for it. There was a lot of soul searching. It was a very painful time.”

Although the two names parted ways a long time ago, they have continued to be at odds. Especially, Roger Waters has been very public about his issues with his former bandmate, which were mostly about his ownership rights over the band’s works.