David Crosby Defends Elon Musk, ‘An Autistic Kid Who Grew Up Unusually Courageous’

The Byrds’ David Crosby talked about the planet life and showed his support for Tesla CEO Elon Musk by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account.

David has been highly active on social media for the past two years. He enjoys using Twitter as a platform where he can express his views on social and political matters, update his fans on his music projects, and interact with his fans.

Recently, the veteran musician also shared his opinion about earth’s life and its sustainability. He pointed out that all the big companies are talking about taking measures to protect the environment but also trying to find ways to drill the ground.

Furthermore, Crosby stated that the people who run oil either don’t believe that the world is in danger or they don’t really care about it. Then, the singer mentioned there is hope for this world and gave an example from the famous car company, Tesla, known for its electric cars.

However, one of his followers decided to criticize Elon Musk by saying that he is a modern cowboy and David defended the Tesla CEO. As Crosby said, Elon is nothing but an autistic kid who is unusually courageous and drastically smart.

David Crosby on planet’s future:

“It does seem that Greta is right. They are talking goals but drilling well at the same time… The guys who run oil just don’t believe it or just don’t give a shit… As a society, we do not truly seem to be changing course.

I mean people try. Tesla… But there’s a whole huge part of our society that may not be smart enough to survive and may make it impossible for us to.”

He defended Elon Musk with these words after he got accused of being a modern cowboy:

“What? He is an autistic kid who grew up unusually courageous and drastically smart.”

You can check out the post below.