Gil Moore Clarifies The Feud Between Bon Scott And Rik Emmett

Triumph’s Gil Moore recently spoke about how his bandmate Rik Emmett and AC/DC’s Bon Scott almost got in a big fight while AC/DC opened for Triumph. He stated that he tucked Bon off the ledge and held him back from starting a feud.

Rik Emmett has been with Triumph throughout their history, where they had actively performed as Triumph for nearly two decades and later reunited in 2008 and 2019. He was the band’s continuous guitarist and vocalist that split the duty with Gil Moore.

During the ’70s, Triumph had concerts, and the iconic band AC/DC was opening up for them. AC/DC’s lineup included Bon Scott, who later passed away in 1980 at 33. However, both bands consisted of young rock stars filled with the rock and roll spirit. Hence this dominance caused friction between the two band members at some point.

Recently, Triumph’s Gil Moore spoke about a feud that sparked between Rik Emmett and Bon Scott backstage. Scott thought that Emmett made up a rumor about him backstage, and Scott confronted him. The singer was upset and ready to start a dispute, but the band members, including Moore and managers, got in between to prevent a fistfight.

Here is how Moore told the story:

“The Bon Scott one, bless his soul. I love Bon Scott’s singing. He just heard some crazy rumor backstage that I don’t think was true. But AC/DC was opening for us at the Auditorium in St.Louis, and our fans were real hardcore. Anyway, he came back to our dressing room thinking that somehow Rik had said something that dissed them. I don’t know why he was upset. He was a few sheets to the wind at the same time. Fortunately, we were able to insist on his road manager at the time, a pretty level-headed guy. He and I tuck Bon off the ledge, so to speak.”

You can watch Moore’s entire interview below.