David Coverdale’s Reaction To Deep Purple Preventing Ritchie Blackmore From Joining Rock Hall Induction

For Deep Purple, being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was a long and dramatic process. Known as one of the pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal, the band was finally inducted in 2016, which was a big deal for the rock and roll world. Many members of the Hall of Fame had reacted throughout the years to Deep Purple not being an inductee, as they are considered one of the most successful bands in rock history.

Names like Geddy Lee, Slash and Metallica members expressed their disappointments with their late induction and criticized the politics of the Hall of Fame. However, they were finally given the honor in 2016 after being eligible since 1993. Unfortunately, their ceremony was not drama-free either. Because they had several line-up changes in their career, the past members, including the founding member and guitarist Ritchie Blackmore were not invited to the ceremony by Deep Purple’s management, even though being inducted with the band.

What Did David Coverdale Say About Ritchie Blackmore Being Left Out Of The Ceremony

Former Deep Purple vocalist, David Coverdale was also inducted with Deep Purple in 2016, and he stated in an interview in 2019 what a shame it was that Blackmore wasn’t there. As he formed Whitesnake after leaving Deep Purple in 1976, he was also a past-member inductee and was invited to the ceremony. However, the current management of the band made the experience difficult for the past members.

They told Blackmore that he shouldn’t come to the ceremony, and Blackmore didn’t insist. However, Coverdale suggested he came and said that he would be with Richie, making sure that no one offends him. Nonetheless, the guitarist decided not to and Coverdale stated that if he had come, he would be probably do something aggressive because of how the ceremony went down.

David Coverdale pointed out that the whole thing was ugly as the band management disrespected old but prominent members. The Whitesnake founder said Deep Purple wouldn’t be Deep Purple without Blackmore which he reflected in his induction speech. In the 2019 interview, he mocked his speech by stating that all the people he thanked wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Blackmore.

Here is what he stated in the interview:

“It was really ugly what went down. I heard that their manager was doing everything he could to stop Glenn and me from making a speech. Jon Lord’s daughter was not there, which we were surprised to see. But when they turned around and refused to go after being announced as inductees if Ritchie Blackmore was allowed to attend, it was just a mockery, and if you heard my speech, none of them would have been on that stage without Ritchie.

When I heard this, I called Richie, and I said, ‘come with me.’ Part of him didn’t give a shit, but I said, ‘Come with me, we will walk in together. Nobody is going to mess with you, I will take care of it.‘ Knowing him he would have walked in with a fucking water pistol and started a fight. But it was an obscenity that he wasn’t there. I know for a fact that Deep Purple would not have been Deep Purple without Ritchie, John, and Ian. That was the beginning and should it always be.”

You can watch Deep Purple’s induction speeches below.