David Coverdale’s Confession About His Uriah Heep Audition

David Coverdale had plenty of bands he worked with throughout his prolific career. He first saw the news about Deep Purple’s audition to replace Ian Gillan in the early ’70s. After the rocker joined the band, Coverdale first appeared on their eighth studio album entitled ‘Burn’ in 1974. Later, he performed with the rest of the group on his first tour in the US at the California Jam music festival.

Coverdale’s success in the band continued with ‘Stormbringer’ and ‘Come Taste the Band.’ However, they faced issues because of Hughes and Bolin’s drug habits in the mid-’70s. In 1976, the band split, and Coverdale was deeply sad about it as the group became a part of his life. Later, the singer began focusing on his solo career and released his first album, ‘White Snake’ in 1977. He and guitarist Micky Moody wrote all songs together.

Although the rock star could not achieve considerable success, the album’s title inspired him about his future band’s name. After Coverdale gained recognition with the second album ‘Northwinds,’ he started to work on forming the band Whitesnake in the late ’70s. Before beginning all these solo works, he auditioned for Uriah Heep. However, it was not an actual audition since he previously revealed his primary purpose was to have a good time with members.

David Coverdale’s Uriah Heep Audition Was For Fun

During the mid-’70s, Uriah Heep had internal issues because the band’s commercial success did not satisfy them. Also, their stage performances worsened because of David Byron’s inconsistency on stage due to alcohol addiction. In 1976, the band decided that Byron would leave. Following his departure, bassist John Wetton quit the band, although he had just joined the previous year.

When the band started the auditions to look for a lead singer and drummer, David Coverdale was among the names who went for it. However, in a past interview, he revealed that it was not an actual audition. According to Coverdale’s explanation, the singer’s primary intention was to have fun with the band members. Although the rocker enjoyed their company, he did not consider beginning a career with them as he had already decided to pursue a solo career.

David Coverdale explained about the Uriah Heep audition:

“Actually, it was not an audition. I never had any intention of going there. I just jammed with Heep for fun. Nice guys, but it was never a career consideration. I knew what I wanted to do, and I did it. Still doing it, as a matter of fact.”

In another previous interview, Uriah Heep’s Mick Box also talked about that day. Box revealed that David Coverdale went there with a bottle of alcohol, and they had a great conversation for hours. As Mick explained, the singer had his solo projects on his mind but was still interested in being a member of Uriah Heep. Later, his manager gave the good news about Whitesnake, which he wanted to do from the beginning.

Mick Box explained Coverdale went for the band’s audition:

He was interested in the job. He came with a big bottle of Ramey Wine brandy and walked in. We just jammed for hours, and it was great. We swang the bottle away; of course, we like to drink. We got the crew out could fill up the monitors with beer, so we’ve got a bar, a bar everywhere. He’s going in there. We had a great time.

We just went for everything we knew and jammed and made things with all that stuff. He was very interested in the whole thing. After that, he went back home after he got the call from his management that he could get the Whitesnake together; he wanted to get together.

That was obviously his first choice, and we were just something to do if that didn’t work out. So, I think it never worked out, but it was a great day. I don’t forget it. He is very powerful on the microphone in those days, yet the lungs. It was a very motivating time. It was great.”

As David Coverdale and Mick Box revealed, it was not an actual audition for the musician in the end. However, they had a great time together for hours when Coverdale went there. Even though the Whitesnake frontman did not become a group member, this audition strengthened their friendship.