David Coverdale Shares The Most Impressive Feature Of The Rolling Stones’ Live Shows

Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale spoke in a recent interview with Antihero Magazine and revealed the best part about The Rolling Stone shows.

Some bands, such as Slipknot and Rammstein, outshine others due to their stage performances and shows. On the other hand, other bands such as Metallica and AC/DC have a unique way of communicating with their audience through their music and performances.

In the conversation, David revealed that The Rolling Stones is a member of the second group, but in a different way. As the frontman said, the most impressive part about the Stones is how they switch things up during their live shows. Coverdale argued that the rock icons always change something when they play a song live and never entirely fulfill their fans’ expectations.

Also, they have tons of songs in their catalog to perform, which allows them to try out several versions. Furthermore, the veteran singer stated that people should also remember that their songs are physically challenging to perform, and that’s why people should respect the iconic band even more.

David Coverdale on the best part of the Stones:

“One of the things that I’m always impressed by when I see The Stones, is how they change stuff up. Some of their songs they won’t play as you might have hoped, but they have such an amazing live catalogue to draw from. You’ve got to remember these songs are very physically challenging to perform.”

Later in the conversation, David also talked about the songs he would love to play in his farewell tour and mentioned ‘Restless Heart,’ ‘Best Years,’ and ‘Forevermore,’ which seem to be his favorites.