Axl Rose Issues A Statement About Losing Nazareth’s Dan McCafferty

The death of Nazareth’s Dan McCafferty indeed upset fans and the rock community, and Axl Rose was also quite sad to learn about Dan’s passing. The GN’R frontman shared a farewell note on Twitter, reflecting his sorrow and paying homage to the late frontman.

Dan’s death was announced by his bandmate Pete Agnew on November 8, as the bassist expressed his sadness over losing his best friend. Since the unfortunate announcement, numerous fans and rock icons have shared their condolences, and Axl, currently on tour with GN’R, also addressed the frontman’s death.

“[I] wanna thank all the fans who came and endured the cold November rain in Perth! You were amazing,” wrote Axl as he addressed his Australian fans. He added, “A huge thank you to all the fans for making our Asian 2022 tour a success! The fan response in every venue was unique and special! Japan, Thailand, and Singapore.”

He then shared his sorrow over Dan’s passing, “[I] haven’t addressed this… [It’s] been a tough pill to swallow… Very, very sad to learn of the passing of Dan McCafferty of Nazareth. I learned a day or so after, right before our show. [I] was in a bit of a surreal headspace on stage for several songs. [I] went on a Nazareth binge for a few days.”

Rose appreciated both the frontman and Nazareth by thanking them for their contributions to the rock scene. The singer wrote, “Thanks, Dan and all of Nazareth, for all the music over the years. Their music and Dan’s voice will always have a special place in my heart. Rest in peace, Dan.”

It seemed that Axl had a special bond with Dan McCafferty and Nazareth, as the Guns N’ Roses frontman was very sad to learn of Dan’s death. Axl paid his tributes with this note of appreciation for the late frontman’s music and stated that the band will always have a unique place for him.