Machine Gun Kelly Recalls Terrifying Experience Facing A Gunman

The trailer from Machine Gun Kelly‘s upcoming biopic, ‘Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink,’ just arrived. It featured some critical moments in the rocker’s life, including his terrifying experience with a gunman.

Besides his musical efforts, Machine Gun Kelly shows his talents also on the screen. The singer played roles in several films, including ‘Beyond the Lights,’ ‘Bird Box,’ and ‘The Dirt.’ His career in the movie industry went beyond his acting career, though. The rocker has also been busy with screenwriting and directing. In April 2022, Kelly and Mod Sun announced their new movie, ‘Good Mourning,’ which they co-wrote and co-directed.

The real-life-inspired comedy premiered on May 20, featuring a story revolving around a choice between love and career. MGK is also starring in another movie titled ‘Taurus,’ which premiered at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival in June. The rocker is preparing to add another film credit to his cinema career with his forthcoming biopic. ‘Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink‘ was directed by Sam Cahill and will be broadcast on Hulu this summer.

The biopic offers a deeper look at the musician’s career and life-changing moments. The trailer from the film arrived on June 16, and at the beginning, MGK reminisces about the start of his journey. The musician talks about the early days of his career and his then-big dreams. At some point in the trailer, the rocker recalls the moment he faced a gunman while with his daughter.

Identifying the location where the incident happened, MGK said:

I got a gun pulled on me right here, and I was like, ‘You’re going to do this with my daughter in the car?'”

You can watch the trailer of ‘Life in Pink’ below.