Twisted Sister And Quiet Riot Were The Worst Bands Krokus Toured With, Chris Von Rohr Explains

Touring might seem fun; after all, what’s better than being on the road, meeting with fans, and taking the stage with other successful bands… right? Well, Krokus might argue with you on that since Chris Von Rohr recently discussed with Metal Edge how touring with Twisted Sister and Quiet Riot was, as he called them, the worst acts the Swedish band toured with.

Von Rohr discussed his lengthy career with Krokus and recalled the fun times of touring with Judas Priest. He then picked the Priest as the best band Krokus had toured with. However, when discussing other bands, Chris wasn’t as generous with compliments, as he had plenty of not-so-nice things to say about Twisted Sister and Quiet Riot.

“Twisted Sister! And also, Quiet Riot…” said the rocker as he answered which bands he had no pleasure touring with. Von Rohr continued, “basically all those poser bands which had no voice and no, you know… I mean, at the time, there were so many hair bands and so many poseur bands and this and that, but we were more like a band like AC/DC or the Stones.”

He discussed, “We came out of that blues and riff rock thing, and we counted on a strong voice, yet with all those bands, they just screamed! They had no real singers. Give me a break. It was not the quality we liked to hear. When we played with bands like AC/DC or Priest, there was a certain quality there. All those poseur bands of the ’80s, they were not our cup of tea.”

So, Chris’ dislike of touring with Twisted Sister or Quiet Riot wasn’t about these two bands being lousy companions while on the road or having any personal feuds with Krokus. The primary reason why Von Rohr didn’t enjoy taking the stage with them was that their style didn’t appeal to him.