David Coverdale Addresses The Rumors That Whitesnake Will Continue Without Him

Rumors have been flying around about how Whitesnake will continue their career as a band by excluding and replacing their lead singer David Coverdale. However, Coverdale recently addressed this rumor and stated that even though he won’t perform after the 2022 tour, he will still continue recording with them as they cannot continue without him.

The band recently announced that their farewell tour will take place in May 2022, which will begin in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The decision of embarking on a final tour came from Coverdale as performing and traveling started becoming challenging for the performer.

However, in The Jeremy White Show, David also stated that he will continue recording with Whitesnake; they just wouldn’t be touring together anymore. Even though his statements were clear, the rumors about whether the band will continue performing and going on tours without Coverdale have been circling around.

In his recent interview, the singer addressed this issue and repeated his intentions. The singer will not be quitting the band because he still has plans for Whitesnake in the future. He continued to say that he hasn’t talked to the band in detail about his decision and doesn’t know how they will react but made it clear that they cannot continue without him.

The interviewer asked the following question:

“Before we conclude, can you put to bed the recent headline that Whitesnake could continue without David Coverdale?!”

Here is what Coverdale replied:

“Well, no, no! The circumstance is that the music’s going to continue, and I’m still going to be doing projects, very likely with these guys. I’m just not going to tour. I haven’t even spoken to the band in depth. We have a daily text thread with each other which is mostly amusing themes. Really, I don’t know. See, I work with Foreigner, my good friends, if they’re coming over for the 2022 European tour; if Mick Jones isn’t on there, there isn’t an original member there, but the audience loves them.

Why? Because they love the music, and the music is played respectfully. I don’t know. These are questions I’ll talk to the band. They might go, ‘fuck you, DC!’ You never know! I’m truly excited because we have some new flavors to bring out, which I think is going to be an amazing addition to an already kick-ass cake!”

Coverdale formed Whitesnake in 1978 after leaving Deep Purple. Whitesnake went through a couple of hiatuses throughout their journey, but they reunited in 2003, releasing four more studio albums and organizing tours around the world. After all of their hard work, it seems like Coverdale thinks it is time they stopped their adventures and focused more on the calmer studio environment where they will still provide music for their fans.