Dave Mustaine Thinks Sammy Hagar Was Bigger As A Solo Artist

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine recently joined an interview with Rock&Pop Paraguay to talk about the musicians who inspired him in his early career. During the conversation, Mustaine mentioned how much he loved Sammy Hagar’s voice and his work with Montrose. The singer stated:

“He’s a guy that I absolutely loved his voice, and this was somebody I played ‘This Planet’s on Fire’ in the band I was in before Metallica. So, I’ve been a fan of Sammy’s guitar playing forever, because ‘This Planet’s on Fire’ is not a Montrose song. So, after Sammy left Montrose he went out solo, and he did the Sammy Hagar thing.”

However, Dave thought Hagar became a bigger artist when he started working solo. Megadeth vocalist added:

“I think he was bigger as a solo artist than he ever was with Montrose. But Montrose has got so many famous songs, like ‘Rock Candy’ and ‘Rock the Nation,’ and there are so many songs that they have that are great… that don’t have the word ‘rock’ in it.”

Mustaine Called Hagar Singing For VH ‘Weird’

Although Mustaine enjoys Sammy Hagar’s work as a solo artist, he wasn’t the biggest fan of his performances with Van Halen. In a 2022 interview with Classic Rock, Dave explained why changing singers in bands made them sound ‘weird’ at the end of the day. He also resembled Sammy’s work with VH to Axl Rose’s short-lived career as AC/DC frontman during Brian Johnson’s absence. Mustaine explained:

“Most often you can change some of the players in the band but you can’t change the voice. Look at Van Halen. I love Sammy Hagar, but for me, him being in Van Halen makes as much sense as Axl Rose being in AC/DC. It’s not how I’m used to listening to this. It’s a weird thing, changing the voice.”

You can watch Dave Mustaine’s interview with Rock&Pop Paraguay via YouTube below.