Bruce Kulick Is Glad KISS Hired Tommy Thayer To Mimic Ace Frehley

When Ace Frehley left, KISS had a big challenge ahead of them— finding the perfect replacement. Bruce Kulick was the first person to replace Ace, but fans saw ‘the new Spaceman’ with Tommy Thayer’s addition. Speaking to Sally Steele, Kulick has admitted that he is glad Tommy was asked to fill the Spaceman role.

After Ace Frehley’s first departure from KISS, Bruce Kulick was recruited to replace him. However, he didn’t wear Frehley’s iconic makeup or take the Spaceman role. At the end of KISS’ unmasked period, Frehley rejoined the band for a reunion tour. When the guitarist left the band again, KISS went with Tommy Thayer instead of bringing Kulick back.

Without a surprise, not being KISS’ first choice disappointed Kulick a lot. According to his previous statements, he expected Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to approach him for the Spaceman persona. However, Bruce knew that he wouldn’t imitate Frehley’s style on stage as this wouldn’t suit him.

In a recent interview with Sally Steele, Bruce Kulick looked back on those days again. He stated that this was initially tempting, but he is now glad that Tommy Thayer was picked because he could play the Spaceman role well. Kulick then added it would be awkward for him to become the new Spaceman because he didn’t want to mimic Frehley.

Here is what Bruce Kulick said about being the Spaceman:

“I know it would have been tempting as a job opportunity, but I’m glad I was never asked. It was easier for Tommy Thayer, who could do that role so well, to walk right in when they realized that Ace had just disappeared and didn’t want to be in the band anymore. I would have really stained my years.

I wasn’t asked to play and dress exactly like Ace, of course, or do any of his iconic stage things, exciting shooting rockets, and everything that Ace was known for. But, it would have been awkward for me to become the Spaceman.

Now, I missed being in KISS, of course, and I thought I was always a great fit as a musician and a personality, but with the cost of becoming the Spaceman, fate really did the right thing for me. I still am part of the KISS family, so it hasn’t destroyed my career in any way. It’s only helped it thrive.”

So, Bruce Kulick believes Tommy Thayer was a better choice than him to embrace the Spaceman persona because he didn’t want to dress and play like Ace Frehley. So, he is glad that he wasn’t asked to fill that role, although it sounded like a tempting job offer.