Dave Mustaine Complaints About The Absence Of Great New Rock Bands

Dave Mustaine recently joined a conversation with Lucía Sapena of Paraguay’s Trece channel and spoke about the lack of great new rock bands.

When the interviewer asked the guitarist to choose his favorite Megadeth album, Mustaine replied by saying:

“Oh, that’s hard to say. That’s like asking somebody to pick their favorite child. There are certain records that we have that were really influential in my life. ‘Peace Sells[… But Who’s Buying?]’ was. I think ‘Killing Is My Business[… And Business Is Good!]’ was so ahead of its time that people didn’t really understand it. And that’s when art is at its best when you get something new that you’ve never heard before.”

Mustaine Thinks There Are No Great New Bands

He continued, sharing his complaint about the current rock scene:

“When you hear a record, and it’s just the same old crap, nobody wants that. I mean, how long has it been since we heard a new band that was really fantastic, like a new Iron Maiden or a new AC/DC or a new Megadeth or a new Guns N’ Roses. We haven’t heard a band like that in so long that was something that we stopped and went, ‘Wow. That’s great.'”

Dave’s Attack On Other Bands

Mustaine also previously criticized some bands like Pearl Jam and Green Day by labeling them pop bands. He told Heavy Consequence last year:

“Y’know, it’s like metal has become a qualifying word just to signify a certain heaviness of music regardless of what original genre it is they come from. And I think if you can have people say bands like Blink-182 is like alternative metal. Or you see bands like Green Day, alternative metal. Pearl Jam, alternative metal. But are they? They’re pop bands.”

In the rest of his interview, Mustaine explained that ‘pop’ is short for ‘popular’ and shared that if Megadeth had a widely successful album with the population, like ‘Countdown to Extinction,’ it would be considered a ‘pop album.’ He said it is strange to label albums with terms like ‘pop’ or ‘rock.’

You can watch his latest chat below.