Dave Grohl’s Interview Implying Foo Fighters’ End

When William Goldsmith decided to leave Foo Fighters, the band had to re-record their album ‘The Colour And The Shape.’ Dave Grohl re-recorded most drum parts, but the band still needed a drummer. He then called Taylor Hawkins to ask him who they should recruit, but Hawkins volunteered himself.

Taylor Hawkins became the Foo Fighters’ drummer on March 18, 1997. After joining the band, he made his first appearance with them in the music video of the 1997 single ‘Monkey Wrench.’ Since the release of the band’s third album, ‘There Is Nothing Left To Lose,’ Hawkins’ contributions grew in number. 

In Foo Fighters, Taylor also handled songwriting duties and provided vocals, guitar, and piano to their musical efforts. Besides, with his personality, positive attitude, and heart-warming smile, he was loved by anyone. Due to that, his untimely passing on March 20, 2022, saddened millions — and this brought up the question of whether the Foos will continue without Hawkins.

What Did Dave Grohl Say About Foo Fighters’ Future Without Taylor Hawkins?

In an interview with Spin in 2002, Dave Grohl revealed what the Foos would do if Hawkins decided to leave the band. He stated that this would be the end of the band and admitted they had joked about such a possibility. According to Grohl, they sometimes got on each other’s nerves and jokingly questioned whether they would break up.

Dave Grohl then resembled band relationships to love relationships or friendships — he argued that if their relationship is strong, they can tolerate each other relatively easily. The singer then implied that their relationship within the band was strong — so they could solve the issues effortlessly.

As reported by FooArchive, Spin asked Dave Grohl the following in the interview:

“Somebody asked you a long time ago, in an interview, what would happen if Taylor were to quit the band. And you said that would be the end of the band.

Grohl responded:

For sure.

Spin then asked:

“Were you at that point where you were thinking about it?”

Grohl said:

“About breaking up the band?”

Spin continued:

“Or where the band was thinking about it…”

Grohl then explained:

“I don’t know. We had joked about it. We’d get on each other’s nerves, and we’d say, ‘Okay, do we break up now, or do we wait until the journalist leaves?’ But you really have to consider band relationships to be like any other relationship, whether a love relationship or just a friendship.

If they’re really strong relationships, you can say something like ‘F*ck you!’ and it’s okay. And I think that’s the true test of how strong a relationship is. Not that you necessarily want to get to that point. But there were times when, yeah, sure — I mean, for me, too, it’s this feeling of being blessed, but at the same time, it’s like a curse, you know?

I feel so lucky that I’m still making music and that people are paying attention to what I’m doing, but at the same time, I’m like, Jesus Christ, when am I going to get on with my life? I don’t want to be 45 years old, bouncing around the Bowery Ballroom, playing ‘Learn To Fly’ or what-the-f*ck-ever…”

Dave Grohl argued in 2002 that it would be the end of Foo Fighters if Taylor Hawkins decided to leave. Now that the drummer passed away, Grohl can disband Foo Fighters. However, it remains unknown what the Foos’ plans are for the future.