Dave Grohl Spends Super Bowl Cooking For The Homeless But Still Receives Backlash

On Super Bowl Sunday, the Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl dedicated his time to a charitable cause, cooking for the homeless. But despite his good deed, he still received backlash.

Hope of the Valley reported that Grohl and his friends generously contributed over 24 hours to grill 70 pork butts for The Woodlands Family Shelter in Woodland Hills, California.

Hope of the Valley also expressed gratitude in an Instagram post, which featured footage of the musician preparing meat and serving plates as part of their efforts to provide meals for those in need. The caption read:

“Thank you to Dave and his friends from his studio for hanging out with us and spreading love through a hot meal.”

Even though the rocker has taken part in voluntary work many times, Grohl’s good deed was ‘fake’ since he went on to get ‘photographed and alert the press.’

One comment read:

“And someone photographed him? And alerted the press? Darn I’m sure he wanted to be anonymous!”

Another read:

“As if being homeless isn’t hard enough suddenly the King of everyone shows up after alerting his pr..”

Of course, there weren’t only negative comments. Grohl received a ton of heartfelt comments, one of which slammed the haters:

“For naysayers in the thread – this is a thing he does, he doesn’t call the press, he doesn’t drop in for a photo op – he brings the meat and his smoker and he stays up to 18hrs. Dislike him for other reasons if you want, but if you are somehow mad about this, you are lost.”

Grohl’s Earlier Commitments

The frontman has consistently contributed his time and barbecue skills to feed the homeless in recent years as well.

In December, he took a day off from Foo Fighters’ Australian tour to provide meals for the homeless in Melbourne, Australia. During his time in Australia, as part of his band’s tour, Grohl extended support to The Big Umbrella Foundation through his catering company Back Beat BBQ.

Before that, he devoted over 18 hours to cooking for at-risk individuals affected by winter storms in Southern California. He and his team cooked over 500 meals for three shelters in L.A., for which he paid all the expenses.

You can see the footage of the rocker helping below.