Ace Frehley On Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley ‘Humiliating’ Him

Ace Frehley recently spoke to Ultimate Guitar in an exclusive interview and discussed feeling ‘humiliated’ by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

The guitarist revisited his 1978 solo self-titled effort, explaining:

“What makes that album really special is I was in a certain mindset. I remember having a meeting with the guys in the band and businessmen and management – there were about twelve of us around a table – and this was before we were going to go off and do our own albums.”

Discussing A Statement Made By Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons

Detailing the meeting he had with the rest of KISS members, Frehley continued:

“I remember Paul and Gene made a statement to me in front of everybody that was kind of a dig. They said, ‘Oh Ace, by the way – if you need any help on your record, don’t hesitate to call us.’ In the back of my mind, I’m saying, ‘I don’t need their help.'”

Ace’s Recent Critiques Of Gene And Paul

The rocker recently attacked both Simmons and Stanley with different statements. In a recent interview with Guitar World discussing his upcoming solo album ‘10,000 Volts,’ he acknowledged past attempts by Paul and Gene to damage his reputation. Ace stated:

“Paul [Stanley] and Gene [Simmons] have tried to destroy my reputation over the years – we know that. And unfortunately for them, ‘10,000 Volts’ is going to make them look like imbeciles.”

Expanding on the contrast between his own career and the band’s, he elaborated:

“KISS hasn’t put out a record since 2012 [‘Monster’], and here I am, 17 years sober, and it’s my sixth record since leaving KISS. I keep chugging along, and nobody can stop me. Creating amazing music is the best way to combat someone putting you down. That’s how I shut them up.”

Reflections On The KISS Farewell Event

Frehley also discussed the KISS farewell event at Madison Square Garden in an interview with Rock Antenne in December. He revealed that despite public invitations to perform, Simmons and Stanley later stated that he and Peter Criss couldn’t play. He noted that despite press invitations, neither he nor Peter received a phone call regarding the performance.

The musician is set to drop his upcoming solo album, ‘10,000 Volts,’ on February 23, 2024. This new release follows his previous all-original album, ‘Spaceman,’ which hit the shelves in October 2018.