Dave Grohl Shares The Story Of How His Daughter Gave Paul McCartney Tips

Former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl opened up about a story when the Beatles bassist Paul McCartney came to his house during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and apparently, his four-year-old daughter Harper gave tip to the legendary bassist while he was playing ‘Lady Madonna’ on the piano.

As many of you know, due to the fact that the Beatles is one of the most influential bands of all time many legendary artists of today drew inspiration from the band before starting their music career just like Dave Grohl who is a big-time Beatles fan, and once revealed that he learned how to play the guitar by playing along to their albums as a kid.

Lucky for him, the former Nirvana drummer became friends with the Beatles icon Paul McCartney throughout the years, and despite freaking out the first time he met a Beatle just as everybody else would, the two now have a close relationship and performed together on stage a few times such as when Dave Grohl joined McCartney on vocals and guitar for the track, ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ back on May 23, 2015.

During a recent interview, Dave Grohl opened up about his relationship with Paul McCartney and revealed an incredibly sweet story that occurred in his house. It was around 2014 when Grohl welcomed his third child Ophelia Saint Grohl and McCartney happened to be in town and wanted to visit him to see his newborn baby.

While revealing the story which proved that the feeling of admiration never goes away, Foo Fighters frontman stated that he hid all the Beatles memorabilia from his home right before Paul McCartney step foot into his house which was hilarious detail. Right before leaving the house after having a great time together, McCartney sees the piano in the middle of the living room which urges him to play music.

Eventually, the iconic bassist starts playing ‘Lady Madonna’ as the Grohl family was listening to him with awe, the four-year-old daughter Harper runs to the kitchen in order to grab a glass and fill it with changes, that’s when the hilarious and adorable moment happens as she puts the glass on top of the piano like a tip jar while one of the most brilliant musicians on the planet was playing.

Here is how Dave Grohl told the story:

“There was one time when I had my third child, Ophelie, she was born and Paul was in town with Nancy and they said, ‘Hey, we want to come over and see the baby.’ So they came over to the house and the first thing I did was to hide all the Beatles stuff. You never know how much Beatles stuff you have in your house until a Beatle comes over.

So he came over and we hung out, and there was a piano in our living room and as he was leaving he couldn’t resist. He just sat down and started playing ‘Lady Madonna’ on the piano in my living room. I mean, it’s blowing your mind. And then my daughter Harper who was four years old at the time, she runs into the kitchen, she gets a coffee cup, she fills it full of spare change, and puts it on the piano like a tip jar.

You can watch the interview right below.