Dave Grohl Gives Three Albums He Would Recommend For The Children

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl spoke in a recent interview with BBC and revealed the three albums he would recommend children as a music schooling lesson.

In the conversation, Dave pointed out that even though he could make his children smile and made their day better with daily gestures, he also said that he isn’t the person who teaches them their lessons. However, he revealed the three albums that he would recommend for the music lessons.

Dave stated that he would recommend the legendary band The Beatles’ eighth studio album that released back in 1967, ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,’ because the album still connects with the people even today.

According to Dave, you need to listen to iconic rock band AC/DC’s legendary ‘Back In Black’ album, which released in 1980, because the album tells all about the rock and roll drumming in it.

Lastly, Dave mentioned that he really likes to dance and have fun and recommend 1977’s ‘Saturday Night Fever,’ which released as a soundtrack album for the same-titled movie, starring John Travolta.

Here is what Dave Grohl said about his recommendations:

“Well, you are going to want to get The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s. One reason is because that album still connects the way it did , the day it came out.

Now if you want to be a drummer, you are going to want to get the AC/DC album Back In Black. That is rock and roll drumming 101.

A third album, I like myself a little party every now and then. I do like to dance, I mean come on, let’s just go with Saturday Night Fever. If you put Saturday Night Fever on, it’s going to feel like Saturday night but it could be Monday morning. So I would have to go with those three albums, it’s a good way to start.”

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