Ringo Starr’s ‘Impossible Dream’ That Came True With The Beatles

From the outside, being in a music band always seems like a glorious time, especially if it is a successful touring act making headlines every day. The public only sees the glamour side of fame and fortune; however, the reality of being in a boy band is not the same as how it is perpetuated in the media. It is a non-stop lifestyle, and after a while, the rush of being famous doesn’t cut it, and even the most recognized bands split, some cordially, some with a big blow.

There are examples of bands like One Direction that disbanded abruptly and ended their relationship on bad terms. Sometimes bands break up because it is time to embark on their solo journeys without damaging too much of the friendship they’ve built over the years during their time in the band together.

For instance, the Beatles is an example of a band that was too tired and frustrated to continue, so they decided to go on their separate ways. Even though they disbanded, some kept in touch; drummer Ringo Starr still has fond memories with his bandmates and even mentions them as his brothers to this day.

The Beatles Made Ringo Starr’s Seemingly ‘Unattainable Dream’ Real

Almost sixty years ago, a band from Liverpool, England, changed the music scene forever. The Beatles became a phenomenon, and music legends John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, the last person to join the band, created music that has stood the test of time.

The Beatles created many albums and classic hits over the years they were active. The band gained such tremendous fame and stardom at the end of the day that they couldn’t even go to restaurants because their arrival resulted in screaming fans and the police. The band eventually reached a point where they couldn’t continue making music anymore; whether it be burnout or creative freedom, it was time to move on.

However, Ringo Starr, who managed to have a successful solo career after the Beatles disbanded, still talks about his time with his former bandmates with so much love and respect. In one of the interviews he joined with You & I magazine in 2021, he described his former bandmates as his brothers.

The iconic drummer shared that he was an only child, and when he was growing up, he always wanted an older brother to look up to, which he set forth as his impossible dream. After becoming part of the Beatles, it was like his wish was granted. In his eyes, he was in the best band with the best brothers he could have asked for, so his unattainable dream had come true.

Starr’s words about his seemingly impossible wish:

“I’m an only child, and the one thing I always wanted was an older brother—the impossible dream. But I was in the best band in the world, and I loved those guys; they were brothers to me.”

Ringo Starr, who has reached his 80s after a life filled with many life-changing memories and moments, is very grateful to have lived this life over the years. Starr, who has children and grandchildren, is proud of the life he has created for himself and his loved ones.