Dave Grohl Explains How He Feels About New Foo Fighters’ Album

The official Twitter account of Foo Fighters shared a video of the band’s frontman Dave Grohl in which he was answering a question from one of their fans who wanted to know what they are feeling about releasing their new album, ‘Medicine at Midnight.’

As you may recall, back in 2019, Foo Fighters revealed that they had been working on their tenth studio album which was mainly based on the band’s founder and lead singer Dave Grohl’s demos. Earlier in 2020, Grohl announced that the new Foo Fighters’ album, ‘Medicine at Midnight,’ was completed. The highly-anticipated album has recently released on February 5, 2021, as a part of the band’s celebrations of their 25th anniversary.

Recently, the official Twitter account of Foo Fighters initiated a Q&A session with the fans in which all the band members participated to answer their fans’ most wondered questions about their highly-anticipated new album, ‘Medicine at Midnight.’ Unlike usual Q&A sessions that many musicians conduct on social media, Foo Fighters members responded to each question of their fans with a video of themselves.

One of their devoted fans wanted to know what Foo Fighters members think about the release of their new album. In order to answer this question, the band’s frontman Dave Grohl posted a video of himself sharing how he is feeling about the new album. In the video below, Grohl mentioned that he actually feels relieved now that the album is out since it was ready almost a year ago and they had to wait for some time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins also joined the video to share how he felt about the new record and made an unusual comparison to express his feelings. Hawkins stated that he actually likened the release of their new album after a long time to being constipated for a while and then one day just relieving.

Here is what one of the Foo Fighters’ fans asked the band members:

“Q: How do you feel about the release of this album?”

Here’s how Dave Grohl responded:

“How do I feel about the record right now? I feel relieved. We made this record a year ago and it’s sitting around waiting to put it out. So, to be honest, I feel relieved.”

Foo Fighter drummer Taylor Hawkins also chimed in:

“I likened it to being constipated. And then just one day it happens and you’ll be like ‘Hey!’ That’s how I feel about this record.”

You can watch the video of Dave Grohl posted by the official Twitter account of Foo Fighters below.