Joe Bonamassa Disses Yungblud’s Fake Guitar Playing

Famous blues-rock guitarist and singer Joe Bonamassa shared a post on his official Twitter page reacting to the recent drama surrounding Yungblud playing an unplugged guitar. Bonamassa said his fans were expecting to see Yungblud live since they bought tickets to a live performance.

For those of you who may not know, Yungblud has been on the ‘Life on Mars‘ tour since October and will be on the road until 2022. As expected, countless fans at his shows have been sharing footage from the musician’s shows, and often it’s for the sake of capturing the moment.

However, a recent post on TikTok featuring Yungblud’s performance had a detail that caught the attention of his fans; the musician was playing an unplugged guitar during his show. Fans were quick to judge and slammed the rocker for pretending to play during a live performance.

Following the criticism, Yungblud shared a post on Twitter and made it clear that he was playing a wireless guitar that requires no wire. The musician also clapped back at the fan who called him out for faking his show and said that he’s a bully who seeks attention.

After Joe Bonamassa saw an article regarding the incident, he shared a post on Twitter as well. The guitarist said that that fan might not be a bully; he may just be a fan who wanted to see Yungblud play live during a live show. Apparently, Bonamassa didn’t see the entire statement coming from Yungblud that includes the ‘wireless guitar’ detail.

Bonamassa’s tweet follows:

“Or maybe a fan who just wanted to see a ‘Live’ show.

You can see the Twitter post below.