Dave Grohl Details His Kurt Cobain And Nirvana Related Anxiety Nightmares


Nirvana’s former drummer and the founder of Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, recently told Rolling Stone that he is having dreams filled with anxiety. These dreams are mainly related to Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, even though it has been 27 years since he passed.

Kurt Cobain’s death could be considered one of the most tragic in the rock and roll world. Nirvana’s frontman committed suicide in 1994, and since that day, there have been many conspiracy theories about whether he was killed or committed suicide. This event affected his family, Courtney Love, and their daughter Frances Bean the most. However, his bandmates were also not in a good place mentally after that.

Dave Grohl successfully continued his career after Nirvana’s disbandment following Cobain’s death. He formed Foo Fighters, in which he is the lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter. Grohl is still active with the band and released their latest album recently in 2021 called ‘Medicine at Midnight.’

Even though Grohl is an experienced stage musician, he revealed in his recent interview that he has dreams triggered by anxiety before live shows. The rocker said that he sometimes sees himself back together with Kurt Cobain on stage, and as Nirvana is about to start performing, the audience begins to ‘scatter,’ and he screams at them not to leave.

Here is how he described his dreams:

“I’ve always had these live-performance anxiety dreams. They’re usually Nirvana-related. Like, Kurt’s still alive. And we’re doing a show, and I’m so excited that people get to see this once again. And I walk onstage. And my drumsticks are the size of telephone poles. And then the audience just kind of begins to scatter. ‘No, no, wait!'”

The musician has had insomnia for years. Although he stopped using drugs 25 years ago, in 2014, he tried to cure his insomnia by smoking weed. He stated that doing that didn’t help him, and therefore, he didn’t continue. Thus, Grohl still experiences insomnia, especially when stressed, which allows him to sleep for a maximum of five hours a day.