Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Admits Getting Back To Smoking Weed Didn’t Help Him

During a recent interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl revealed that he actually used weed last year, but didn’t work out for him.

After having a 25-year-old break from drugs, Dave announced that he tried out smoking pot back in 2014 just to cure his insomnia. However, things went horrible for him at that time and stated that he won’t do such a thing again.

However, Dave still has been suffering from insomnia, which makes him sleep a maximum of five hours per day. To cure the disease, Dave resorted to old ways as he did back in 2014.

In the conversation, Dave admitted that he tried out smoking weed once again last year because he thought that it would help him to sleep in the end as it would usually do.

Unfortunately for Dave, smoking weed didn’t help him to cure insomnia. As the frontman said, he still stood in the middle of the night, watching videos on YouTube for hours.

Dave Grohl on returning back to the smoking weed in the conversation:

“I actually tried to get back into smoking weed last year, thinking it would help me sleep. And I would fuckin’ just sit until six o’clock in the morning watching a bunch of stupid shit on YouTube.”

Dave has been touring with Foo Fighters since this summer in North America, and the 2021 tour will end at the end of December. In 2022, Foo Fighters aims to return Europe as their show start in June.