Brian May Shares His New Project Including Eddie Van Halen’s ‘Unreleased Moments’

Brian May is back in the studio and getting ready for new releases. The guitarist recently posted a video on Instagram from the studio sessions and wrote in the caption that his upcoming project, including unreleased guitar works from Eddie Van Halen, is on its way to meet with the audience.

“Thanks for the great comments, guys,” wrote Brian as he continued his announcement. “Yes! You got it. ‘Star Fleet!’ We’re hard at work on it for the next ‘Gold Series’ reissue box set. It won’t be just a remaster; we’re remixing everything from highest definition transfers from the original multi tracks.”

He also mentioned previously unheard Van Halen moments that will feature in the forthcoming record. May discussed, “You’ll still be able to hear the old mixes, but I’m excited about what we’re cooking up now. All the original material, every detail rescued, magnificently remixed, and much more! And lots of moments of EVH in his prime that nobody ever heard before.”

May continued by referring to his enthusiasm to release the project now but promised his fans it was worth the wait. The guitarist said, “Wish I could unleash it all now, but such is the state of record production now it will take until meet summer to turn it around. It will be worth the wait, I promise.”

He added that it was great to return to the studio and addressed the video he posted, “It feels great to be back in the studio. But what’s this? Who are these small people? What could we be working on?”

The musician seemed ready to release this new project and previously unheard material from his catalog and collaborations. He signaled that Eddie’s guitar playing in his prime would also be featured in his latest project, but even with all of his enthusiasm, the project would be ready for release only in months.