Jake E. Lee On Stephen Pearcy’s Vision For Ratt: ‘Lamest Sounding-Motto Ever’

Today, a interview published by Loudersound, which was originally published 10 years ago, shows us why Jake E. Lee’s career with Ratt was short-lived.

Speaking about that period, Lee mentioned a motto called ‘fashion rock’ introduced by Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy and added:

“I told them that was the lamest-sounding motto I’d ever heard. -And I said- fuck you, I’m out.”

Jake E. Lee’s Background

The famous guitarist also made some statements about having reached the peak of his career at the age of 25. He touched on not becoming rich overnight and said:

“It was surreal, being thrown into the big league so suddenly.”

Then, he talked about how he felt about Randy Rhoads, the person he replaced during Ozzy’s album recordings:

“I realised that those were big shoes to fill. Randy was the best guitar player since Eddie Van Halen. But I was a good player. I just became a better player because I had to follow Randy.”

You can access the full interview here.