Dave Gahan On Depeche Mode’s Success To Hook New Generation Of Fans

As the release date of their new album, ‘Memento Mori,’ approaches, Depeche Mode gains a new generation of fans. In a recent interview with Audacy Music, the band’s lead singer, Dave Gahan, commented on the youth’s rising interest in their music.

Depeche Mode’s 1987 song, ‘Never Let Me Down Again,’ was included in the soundtrack of the new TV series, ‘The Last of Us,’ which quickly drew the attention of a young audience. This, along with their upcoming album, has given the band a new wave of fans. In the latest interview, Dave Gahan talked about his opinions on these developments.

The vocalist explained that they have gathered new crowds in addition to their old fans for their performances and stated that some of them were familiar with Depeche Mode due to their families’ influence, while others recognized the band through projects like ‘The Last of Us.’

Gahan expressed his opinion on the matter as follows:

“That’s one of the really interesting things that has always been cool about Depeche Mode. Even on the last tour, we were amazed by – We have our fans, and we have people that have been coming to our shows for forty years or something, but then, there’s also a whole new audience every time. I don’t know if that’s because it’s generations of families where they have been forced to listen to our music or new discoveries. You know, once in a while, something like this show happens like ‘The Last of Us,’ and a song comes in, and I think, the next day after that, there were literally people on Twitter or whatever it is – you know, the most searches for or shazam for ‘who is this band?’ I think, at one point, we were at the top of that search.”

After this statement, the musician mentioned that this type of situation occurs when a band ‘last a test of time,’ indicating that the long-running band’s music aligned with the new audience’s interest at some point. He also added that he considered himself lucky to have attracted the young generation, as it was a pleasant experience after they lost Andy Fletcher.

To explain his feelings, the vocalist said:

This happens sometimes throughout if you last a test of time, and we kind of, I guess, have for a rock and roll band or any kind of whatever, however you want to describe that. I think, at certain points, something aligns; I don’t know what that is. I think Martin and I are quite fortunate, especially as we’ve been through a lot in the last year, and this is still a thing that we’re going through, having lost Fletch. Things change, and something is shifting, and for some reason, you don’t really know. You don’t really know what’s going to happen next.”

Depeche Mode have attracted new generations of fans with their music for decades, and Dave Gahan thinks it’s a delightful experience to hook the interest of the youth. The musician is happy that the band’s music still draws attention and pleases the fans after years in the industry.