Darryl McDaniels Reflects On His Song With Mick Mars, Duff McKagan, And Sebastian Bach


Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels was interviewed by Appetite for Distortion, during which he explained how he gathered the star-studded lineup for his new remake, featuring very famous musicians such as Mötley Crüe’s Mick Mars, Guns N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan, and Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach.

Previously, Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels had revealed his upcoming vinyl EP featuring his collaborations with several iconic musicians such as Sammy Hagar, Joan Jett, Mars, McKagan, Bach, and Travis Barker during one of his interviews with Spin. The musicians shared his excitement about his project and revealed there will also be a remake of a classic song in the new EP.

‘Black Betty’ is a 20th-century African-American work song, and it’s claimed that Huddie ‘Lead Belly’ Ledbetter wrote it even though there were earlier versions of it. According to some critics, Ledbetter’s is another folk material adaption. The song became very popular after Ram Jam performed it. It can be said ‘Black Betty’ will hit the charts once again with McDaniels’ remake entitled ‘She Gets Me High.’

In his interview, the singer stated that he came across Sebastian Bach in an MTV event, and they shared their appreciation of each other’s works. Then McDaniels invited him to sing the vocals for the remake. Then Travis Barker got involved in the project after they had a chance to talk to each other, and Barker mentioned his admiration for ‘Rock Box’ during a birthday party.

Following that, the musician talked with Mick Mars on the phone coincidentally in a meeting, and they started discussing their interest in wearing hats. Mars unveiled that he would want to be a part of a project with DMC, and he couldn’t miss it, so he asked to play the guitars for ‘She Gets Me High.’ The Mötley Crüe guitarist said Nikki Sixx would give them his studio to work. Finally, McDaniels reached McKagan thanks to Bach, and the bassist accepted their offer as soon as he listened to the parts they recorded.

McDaniels stated in his interview that:

“I was doing an event with MTV and running Sebastian Bach. He comes over and shows me love, and I’m showing him love about Skid Row. He’s like, ‘Yeah, dude. I know you’re a metal guy. You guys chance rock stuff with rock boxing.’ We were just having a good time, and I tell them, ‘I’ll read this before I could finish. I’ll do it.’ I got Sebastian singing all the vocals, and then the next thing I went to a birthday party and ran into Travis Barker, the same thing. He wanted to come over and tell me how ‘Rock Box’ changed his life.

This is Travis Barker, and he’s telling me this, I’m looking at him in awe, and at the end of it, he goes, ‘I love you so much if there’s ever anything you need me to do.’ I go, ‘By the way, I need a drummer to play.’ So he’s done, and I get Travis Barker, and then I went to a meeting for some cologne because the lady wanted me to do a DMC cologne. During the meeting, in the middle of it, Mick Mars called, and I’m like, ‘Put him on the speakerphone, I’m a fan.’

She says, ‘Hey Mick, I’m here with DMC, and I’ll call back.’ He goes, ‘DMC! I love them.’ She says, ‘Well, tell him yourself.’ He’s right there, so me and Mark… We start talking about our hats because Mick always wears a hat. He’s like, ‘I love you.’ We were talking about hats, and at the end of that, he said, ‘I would love to do something with you.’ I was like, ‘By the way, Mick, I have this record, and I’ll bring you to New York.'”

He added:

“He says ‘No, you get on a plane and come to L.A., going to make Nikki Sixx give us his studio. We’ll do it there. So I go to L.A., and Nikki Sixx is at the door, gives us his keys, a whole studio… He says, ‘Don’t make a mess and clean up after you finish.’ So that was over a couple of years ago, and recently Guns N’ Roses went on tour, and Sebastian was like, ‘I’m gonna reach out to Duff,’ so finally they had the tour ended. We called up Duff, and he was like, ‘Duff, we got the song, here’s who’s on it so far and Ram Jam’s ‘Black Betty.’ Duff goes like this ‘Wow, this sounds interesting, send it to me.’

So we MP3 him where we at right now. Two minutes later, ‘Send it over, I’m doing this, I’m on it.’ It came about basically organically to where it is. This is Duff McKagan, Travis Barker. It was one of these things you… Remember when you were little, and you go over to your friend’s house, and you and your friend are playing. The other friend comes over and says, ‘I want to play too.’ That’s how this song came about.”

You can watch the interview and listen to the song below.