Courtney Love Supports Britney Spears During Her Trial To End Conservatorship


Late Nirvana vocalist Kurt Cobain’s widow and Hole frontwomen Courtney Love shared a series of posts on her official Twitter page showing support for famous pop star Britney Spears after new updates on her trial in order to obtain her freedom over financial and personal assets.

As you might know, the well-known star Britney Spears has no legal control over her economic and personal assets due to the conservatorship which was given to her father 12 years ago after Spears publicly experienced numerous mental breakdowns, starting from the infamous 2007 meltdown.

However, many fans think it is time to give Spears her freedom and they started a movement named ‘Free Britney,’ especially after The New York Times debuted a brand new documentary, ‘Framing Britney Spears’ in which the story behind her conservatorship and the struggles she has been through mostly because of media is shown as well as the people around her who profited from her success along with her failures.

With the effect of the release of the documentary, Britney Spears’ fans have been pouring posts on their social media accounts showing their support for the ‘Princess of Pop.’ Since many fans now know that Spears was terribly abused by the paparazzi and the people who were working for her, everybody including other celebrities have been rooting for her to get her freedom back for months now.

Recently, Courtney Love shared a number of posts on her official Twitter page asking for her fans to show up to the courthouse for Britney Spears’ next trial in order to show support and give strength to the pop icon. In addition to this, Love revealed a donation she made for Spears’ cause worth £1,000 and encouraged everybody to donate and sign the petition.

In her Twitter post, Love shared:

“Whose going to ever believe her? We do! Free Britney. Anyone who can get to the courthouse. The more humans show. The more guts she will have!”

You can see the Twitter posts below.