Courtney Love Shares The Photo That Embarasses Her

Kurt Cobain’s widow and the Hole singer, Courtney Love, shared an old photo of herself posing for a magazine on her Instagram account and explained why she felt very embarrassed of it in the past.

Besides being a great musician, Courtney also pursued other careers, especially in modeling and acting. While some of her projects have been praised by her fans and many in the rock community, some also drew a lot of criticism. One of them was the time she posed for the cover photo of US Magazine in 1997.

As the singer said, she tried to impersonate Pamela Anderson, but in an ironic way. Unfortunately, the editors didn’t realize that she was mocking Pamela Anderson, so they chose it as a cover picture.

Love pointed out that her pictures appeared all around Los Angeles, and she felt so embarrassed because of that. However, she now believes that the photo looks pretty cool, and she recalled the memories related to that shooting pleasantly.

Courtney Love captioned:

“Throwback Tuesday 1997. My ‘ironic Pamela Anderson.’ I wasn’t aware US magazine didn’t do irony… Still, it’s great in retrospect. And yes that is Stevie Nicks white peignoir with Melissa Maur (1997, Mark Seliger).

By the way, holy airbrush Batman! I remember billboards of this all over Los Angeles and me being embarrassed. Thinking ‘I was trying to be ironic!’ Now? I think it’s cool.”

You can check out the photo below.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram