Coldplay’s Chris Martin Shares The List Of Songs, Films, And Books That He Finds Helpful And It Includes BTS’ ‘Butter’

Coldplay‘s frontman Chris Martin shared a post on his Instagram accounted and recommended a bunch of films, tv series, and songs to listen to that he finds helpful for his fans. While the list consists of many successful books and movies, it surprised the fans that the list also included the new song from the famous K-Pop band BTS.

Chris Martin, British songwriter, and Coldplay vocalist decided to form a rock band with his friend Johnny Buckland in 1996 while studying in university. In 2000, they released their debut album ‘Parachutes‘ and the album had immediately gained the band international fame and recognition.

The band has just released their new single ‘Higher Power‘ on May 7th, 2021 from their untitled upcoming ninth studio album. The release date of the new album is not announced yet. However, ‘Music of the Spheres‘ is rumored to be the title of the new album.

The band mostly shares announcements and live shows on Instagram. However, sometimes they also share playlists or recommendation lists in this case. In the recent Instagram post of the band, Chris Martin thanked all the fans who have said nice things about their new single and shared books, films, and songs that he has found helpful.

The list consists of a couple of books about self-help and history. Martin also recommended the new song from the K-Pop band BTS’s ‘Butter.’ The worldwide known K-Pop band BTS has released ‘Butter’ from their new album. The band is appreciated by many musicians and Chris Martin is one of them.

Here is what he had said in the post:

“Hello everyone
I hope you’re all doing ok. Thank you for your messages about ‘Higher Power’ and things.
Wherever you are in the world I and we send you love and hope we can see you in person before too long.
Here are some films and songs and books that I have found helpful and wonderful;
– ‘Materna Requiem: 6. Paradisum Interlude,’ a piece by Rebecca Dale
– The fourth episode/movie from ‘Small Axe,’ called ‘Alex Wheatle’
– ‘Butter’ the new song by BTS
– ‘Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race’ by Reni Eddo-Lodge
– Israel and Palestine: The Complete History by Ian Carroll
–  I enjoyed watching Eurovision. In solidarity with those who enable victory by being defeated, please consider streaming ‘Embers’ by James Newman, who was so graceful about it all.

Take a look at the picture below.

Photo Credit: Coldplay – Instagram