Courtney Love Shares New Update About Her Health Status, ‘I Was Really, Really Sick’

Former Hole frontwoman, Courtney Love opened about her current health status and reflected how she felt after being hospitalized because of a serious illness. She also talked about her latest projects during her recent interview with Vogue via Zoom.

Recently, Courtney Love collaborated with The Big Moon guitarist and vocalist, Juliette Jackson for a new video series entitled ‘Bruises of Roses.’ Throughout the series, Love will perform cover versions of her favorite songs from different artists. She premiered her first cover song, ‘California Stars’ which belonged to Wilco and Billy Bragg’s album, ‘Mermaid Avenue.’

During the latest interview she appeared, Courtney revealed what she had been through after being hospitalized due to anemia last August. She described how she felt due to her illness as an incredible pain and a very close experience to death and she was 97 pounds at that time. Because of losing too much weight, she almost died however she found a very good doctor to make her feel healthy again.

Love resembled her sickness to the global pandemic that the earth has been through since the beginning of 2020. She also shared recent updates about her current health status. Courtney stated that she received the necessary medical treatment for her recovery. After being very sick because of anemia for a long time, she feels finally better and returned to her healthy and peaceful times.

Here’s what Courtney Love stated about her current health status:

I was really, really sick. I like to think it was in sympathy with the earth.

I haven’t been up to my own level in a long time. I had to get into recovery for all sorts of stuff. But I finally feel like myself again. I’m fully embodied and here at the moment, talking to you. And that wasn’t the case for many, many years.”

You can listen to the song below.

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