Courtney Love Reflects On Living In England, ‘I’ll Probably Piss Some Brits Off’

Hole frontwoman Courtney Love made a recent post on her Instagram in which she shared her insights on living in England while stating her thoughts might ‘piss some Brits off.’

Courtney Love visited and lived in the UK at several points in her life. She moved to Liverpool back when she was a teenager, and the musician Julian Cope offered her to stay in his place. She then traveled to London and met her future Hole bandmate Robin Barbur. With Barbur, Love moved into Cope’s home which was also home to other artists.

Before returning to the United States in July 1982, Courtney Love learned many things about becoming a rock star in Liverpool. At the end of 1988, the singer moved to Los Angeles and formed her band Hole. During her tenure with the band, Love went to the UK several times for concerts and performances.

In 2019, Courtney Love obtained an artist’s visa for herself and moved to London from Los Angeles with her Pomeranian, Bell. With this change in her life, Love aimed to start working on a new solo album and finish her memoir. Moreover, she collaborated with Big Moon’s Juliette Jackson for a cover series she named ‘Bruises Of Roses.’

Recently, Love posted several photos and videos on her Instagram account which she took right before she left LA. In the post, the singer said she loves England so much and revealed her thoughts on living there. Following that, Love started her words by saying she might ‘piss some Brits off.’

As Love said, she missed the organic, fresh, and vegan food she usually ate. She then praised the British culture, healthcare, protective Laws, politics, manners, feminism, sexy looking men and women, and better music than anyone. However, Love added they don’t really have food or ‘cocaine’ in England, but she believes this could be solved somehow.

Courtney Love’s Instagram post read:

“I love England so much…. and I’m probably going to piss some Brits off (these oldest photos on my phone, right before I left LA, remind me of the taste & the sunshine) & I miss the food part. I was raised on Californian/Oregonian locally sourced Erewhon Market, organic, fresh, vegan food.

The British have incredible culture, poetry, books, art, protective Laws, the greatest healthcare on Earth, nature, sexy men, sexy women, fantastic fashion, incredible politics across a spectrum, a very healthy intellectual life, noblesse oblige, amazing manners, more progressive feminism than they give themselves credit for & better music than anyone.

But they don’t really have food (or cocaine.) Don’t get defensive. It’s a soil & water & sunshine geographic/agricultural thing. I’m sure it could be solved… somehow. You’ll know I’m right when you get to Cali.”

You can check out the photos Courtney Love included in her Instagram post.