Brian May Responds To The Doubts About Adam Lambert

Queen icon Brian May recently shared a video of the band’s touring frontman Adam Lambert in which he was preparing for one of their London gigs on his official Instagram account. The guitarist reacted to the people who came to their shows that weren’t fans of the singer.

Adam Lambert was one of the contestants on the eighth season of American Idol, and he became a finalist with Kris Allen, who eventually won despite the controversial voting. Even though Lambert became the runner-up, he later became the actual winner, considering his career full of commercial success and international popularity both as a solo artist and Queen + Adam Lambert frontman for a very long time.

During the auditions and later performances, Lambert and the surviving Queen members’ paths crossed when he drew attention with his singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ Since 2011, they have been performing live shows, and Lambert showed everyone his unmatchable vocal talent and harmony with May and Taylor without replacing the late Queen singer Freddie Mercury. However, there were doubts about his ability to collaborate with Queen members and prejudices against him.

The Rhapsody Tour kicked off on July 10, 2019, in Vancouver and will finish on July 25, 2022, and May defined their live performances as a chance for people concerned about Lambert’s singing. In his recent post, he revealed footage before a Queen + Adam Lambert concert in London to highlight the vocalist’s great personality, soul, and extraordinary talent. May added that he’s proud to work with such a person like Lambert.

May’s IG post read:

“Here’s our boy preparing for one of our current shows at the London Arena. I’m re-posting this because I want anyone out there who isn’t an Adam Lambert fan to see it. Now perhaps you’ll see the soul and pure talent behind what you perhaps thought was just all Glam and Pzazz. Understand why he was so worthy and able to take on such a task with us, old boys. The rest of you folks? Well, you knew it all along, of course! Right! Ouch! So proud to work with this man.”

You can check out one of the moments from the London concerts below.