Courtney Love Opens Up About Her Near-Death Experience And Gives An Update On Her Current Health Status


Kurt Cobain’s widow and The Hole singer, Courtney Love, took her official Instagram account to share a new post and revealed her recent health status.

In the caption, Courtney pointed out that she had almost died in the hospital because of anemia back in the days and wrote that she was sad, sick, and experiencing huge pain.

Furthermore, Courtney touched upon the fact that they tried lots of things to reduce the pain, but the only thing that helps her was CBD oil. Afterward, she thanked her doctor for her help in those tough times.

While mentioning that she used lots of drugs in the past, Courtney also revealed that she is 100% sober right now and feeling pretty healthy and strong, although she has been in self-quarantine for a year.

Here is what Courtney Love captioned:

“People, I’ve been sad, and extremely sick. Debilitated, in indescribable pain, and in August at 97 pounds almost died in hospital from anemia (hemoglobin I had none). I was stigmatized for being an addict for 9 months by many ill-equipped Drs, backward Drs, and quacks. While in debilitating acute pain. Then I met the most empathic wise pain management dr. I’m so grateful.

But I’m so good now . And on CBD oil . Which has removed almost all the physical symptoms. And all the pain. I used to scoff at cannabis/THC. And I also am no fan of the narcotic effect, hate weed feeling. This isn’t that.

It’s woman and nature supporting us. It’s magic. But gods own CBD is a miracle. Thank you Woody Harrelson for back in the day showing me that chipping from popular mechanics in 59? ‘the 67 uses of hemp.'”

She added:

“You were right! I’m still 100 percent sober by the way. Page 133 of the big book if you have questions. Bear with me as I start to try and have a blast and help others every pain-free day! I’ve been basically bedridden.

I thought I was broken for sure this time. But I’m ok! So I’m just waking and I’m frail. I’ll be strong again soon! Not as always because this is the period to be mellow and not waste energy on anger, etc.

Dropping the rock as we say. A new sort of strong with wisdom and more empathy than I had for people with physical illness. Love you.”

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