Courtney Love Confirms Signing Off Her New ‘More Honest’ Book

Courtney Love recently took to her Instagram to give details about her upcoming book, saying she had just signed it off. According to the former Hole frontwomen, this new book is more honest than the others she wrote.

Apart from being a singer and songwriter, Courtney Love is also an actress and a writer. From 2004 to 2006, Love co-created and co-wrote three volumes of ‘Princess Ai,’ a manga series. She then wrote a memoir in 2006 titled ‘Dirty Blonde: The Diaries Of Courtney Love.’

Faber & Faber published ‘Dirty Blonde,’ which featured journal entries, poetry, handwritten lyrics, letters, artwork, photographs, and notes by Love. One of the highlights that appeared in the book was a suicide-note-themed apology letter for Kurt Cobain and Frances Bean.

In 2009, Love moved to London to work on writing a new book. In her recent Instagram post, the singer revealed that she signed off on her book after years of prolonging it. Saying that she is on a total media blackout, Love stated that she has a ‘paper supply chain backup,’ and she didn’t decide when to publish it.

Moreover, Courtney Love thanked the ones who helped and supported her throughout her writing process. She revealed the book has more fashion, and she wrote facts rather than fabricated rags to riches narrative. According to the singer, readers like untrue narratives, but the truth is more fun and genuine.

Love’s Instagram post read:

“Dude(s). I might have just signed off on my book. After a f*cking decade of dragging my ass (Alex Abramovich, patience of a saint), HarperCollins, don’t pop the champagne quite yet. ‘The sex work is in! The sex work is in!’ Yeah, but the doll is on a full media blackout (quoting the great Del Rey genius ‘no-one tells my story but me’ motto. Bible.)

So, you win some; you lose some. There’s a (no kidding) very real paper supply chain backup, so don’t ask me when (The important thing is that it’s good now.) Lots of what Alex calls my ‘Victorian adventures,’ and I seem to have 29 lives & counting. With crazy luck of being in the right place, the right time (and sometimes way wrong!).”

She then continued:

“Fun fact. I got into the Bennington College class of 1981 from a maximum security Juvie lockdown in Eugene, Oregon. Thanks, Lili Anolik, for all the fact-checking leads she’s already started because there is no way to go in without receipts.

Lot more fashion, too, as I changed the phony rags to riches narrative to include my mother’s/family’s wealth. & My impossibly glamorous AF grandmother who went to the Paris collections & would show me the boning & stitches inside of her Balmain’s & Chanel couture pieces etc.

F*ck an untrue narrative because that’s what people like. The truth is much more fun, richer, and makes more sense. And there are lots of rags too! Someone said, ‘Your class is neutral like a Scottish brogue’ as I’ve been all the classes, sometimes simultaneously! Anyway. So far, so good. Ciao!”

Below, you can check out the picture Courtney Love included in her IG post.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram