Corey Taylor’s Wife Alicia Thinks Putting Up With Corey’s Weird Hairstyles Proves Her Love

Corey Taylor’s wife Alicia sees her support of the frontman’s unusual hairstyles as proof of her love.

She recently tweeted humorously:

“How can you question my love for this man when I have stuck by his side through all those hairstyles.”

In the comment section, one fan posted an old photo of Corey with a different hairstyle. Alicia wrote in her response:

“I’d like to mention he and I were apart for a very long period of time during this phase.”

In a separate tweet, Alicia later said:

“I have never performed with my wedding ring on you ding dongs have you seen what I do on stage?”

How Did Her Followers React?

Fans also replied with humorous comments to her initial tweet about Taylor’s hairstyles. One fan said:

“The commitment!!”

Another one wrote:

“A true warrior.”

One other user noted:

“This is the ultimate love language.”

What Was The First Thing Alicia Noticed About Corey?

Previously, in a 2022 interview with Alamo True Metal, Alicia talked about her relationship with Corey and revealed what made her fall in love with the vocalist:

“The first thing that I fell in love with of Corey was his mind. He’s so well-read. He could talk about anything, and his interests were all over the place. I love that about him. I love his intelligence. I love his ability to write and speak so well; he’s extremely articulate. I love that he’s a little geeky and a little nerdy. And he loves movies, and he loves music, and he loves sports, and he loves so many things.”

She continued:

“He’s so well-rounded in that aspect. So he and I would just talk about anything and everything and just find something — even if it was something that maybe I wasn’t into. He was really into, or he wasn’t really into, but I was into, we could still talk about it and find something cool about it within one another.”

Alicia and Corey married in October 2019. The couple had made their relationship public on their social media accounts in the spring of 2018. Slipknot has upcoming shows starting on August 6 in Noblesville, Indiana.

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