Corey Taylor On Slipknot Earning The Right To ‘Sit Back And Do EPs’

For most bands that have made their name widely known, the expectation that has increased in parallel with this fame requires them to continue in a certain line to preserve their place. However, these restrictions may weaken once they prove themselves and reach a satisfying point in terms of musical mastery. In a recent appearance at the Monster-Mania Con, the frontman Corey Taylor signaled that Slipknot will enjoy this unrestrained musical space for the rest of their career.

“It’s kind of difficult to get nine people on the same page anymore, especially [because] we’re old and d*cks,” the frontman said when he was asked about the band’s focus on releasing singles or EPs instead of full-length albums. “But the cool thing is that we all still get excited about good ideas. Jim [Root] and Mick [Thomson] are so good at writing music. Me and Clown work really well coming up with stuff together, VMan [Alessandro Venturella] is actually really good. So we’ve done so much in our career that at this point we could sit back and just do EPs.”

He continued, “I mean, I’ve got a good idea for a double concept record with a whole storyline that goes along with it that I would love to do. But the cool thing is that we’ve kind of established our history, so whatever comes next will naturally be something that we want to do. So whether it’s going in and just blasting out a couple of psycho tunes and just having fun doing that, or we go in and do a very elaborate plan, like a storyline or something, either way, it’ll be something that we’re really into. I back the group, you know?”

As the frontman said, having ensured that their band’s sound is now established, their only musical limit will now be the sky. Taylor noted, “At this point, we’ve released so much music and we’re off our label now, so sky’s our limit; we can kind of do whatever we want. So whatever we do next will be something that we are all on the same page for, which is something you can’t always say.”

In a recent interview with NME, Shawn Clown Crahan hinted at something similar and said he was ‘in love with having no restrictions.’ The band members really seem to be at an exciting point in their musical journey. Their last album was ‘The End, So Far,’ and it was also the last album under the band’s agreement with Roadrunner, with whom they have been working together since 1998. Now they will play their game in an unrestricted area in every sense.

While their album is still fresh, the band has a pretty busy touring schedule. They will hit the road in South America in early December. After that, they will attend Australia Knotfest, where other giants like Megadeth will accompany them in a very exciting line-up. Japan and Indonesia are also some points they will stop by on their route. After that, according to their latest announcement, they will tour Europe in the summer of 2023. So we have many concerts ahead of us to listen to an unrestricted Slipknot!