Chris Shiflett Thought Foo Fighters Were Rich And Driving Ferraris But That Wasn’t The Case

Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett recently shared in an interview with Andertons Music Co. his initial misconceptions about the band’s lifestyle and the realities of the music industry he came to understand.

The guitarist, who joined Foo Fighters at the age of 28, admitted that he had a lot to learn about the business side of music, as he explained:

“I didn’t really know that much about how the music business worked beyond what I’d done, which was this little wing on it. In my mind, if a band was on MTV, they all lived in mansions and drove Ferraris. Coming into it at that time, it was just interesting to see the realities of all that and get to be there for the band, building this live fanbase. People never believe me, but it was a lot smaller in those days.”

Reality Versus Expectation

Contrary to his expectations, the Foo Fighters were playing in large clubs and theaters, not arenas—except for a tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The transition to larger venues came with the band’s next record, ‘One By One,’ which saw them touring arenas in the UK. Shiflett reflected on the journey, noting:

“So, I got to be there — I missed out on those couple of records, but I did get to be there for a lot of the ride, and the ride was pretty great.”

Evolution On Stage

He observed the evolution of the band, especially frontman Dave Grohl, who grew significantly in his role on stage. The rocker also shared insights on the challenges musicians face when moving to bigger bands and playing for larger audiences. He recalled feeling overwhelmed during his first big show with Foo Fighters at Rock in Rio. Despite the intensity, Shiflett believes that true performers dream of such experiences and thrive on them.

In addition to his tenure in Foo Fighters, Shiflett also has a successful solo career. He released his latest album ‘Lost at Sea’ on October 20. Following the launch, he’s set to embark on a solo headline tour in 2024 to promote the record. The tour will feature six performances across the UK and Ireland, starting in Dublin on March 20 and concluding in London on March 27, with stops in Belfast, Glasgow, Manchester, and Birmingham along the way.

Watch his full interview below.