What Happened To Brian Molko Of Placebo

Brian Molko has had significant achievements, especially in his career with the successful rock band Placebo. After starting their musical journey in 1994, the band gained recognition in the Britpop scene thanks to their gender-bending androgynous appearance. In addition to this, their lyrical content that had openly discussed themes like sexuality and mental health earned them a unique spot in the industry.

However, things changed after Placebo released the compilation album entitled ‘A Place For Us To Dream’ and an EP named ‘Life’s What You Make It.’ The band initiated a tour in Aarhus, Denmark, in 2016, but an unfortunate incident interrupted the members’ and the fans’ excitement during the concert. Frontman Brian Molko became disconnected and had to be taken off stage at the show’s very beginning, an incident that affected the band’s future.

What Was The Issue With Brian Molko’s Health?

Brian Molko previously talked about his drug addiction. In past conversations, the rocker initially stated that he did not use heroin, the only thing he did not try. However, the vocalist later revealed that he was using heroin as well. Besides drug abuse, diagnosis with major depression was another issue about Molko’s health. Moreover, his depression was the main reason for drug use. Molko mentioned in a past interview with The Sidney Morning Herald that he felt lucky as a rocker because he was able to realize his health was going wrong to take some action about it.

Brian Molko said in his words:

“Rock stars have a tendency to die very young or grow old very slowly. And it appears that I’m part of the second category, thank God.”

Although Molko had been dealing with depression since a young age, he was diagnosed with it in his late 20s. According to him, everything became clear after this diagnosis. When he thought about his whole life, he started to give meaning to what he did after being diagnosed with clinical depression.

The successful rocker stated that he tried to solve his mental illness with drugs, excessive sexual intercourse, and rock and roll. It was an essential point for the rocker to find out what caused these tendencies. Molko indicated that he felt content since he started the treatment using medication.

The singer continued in the same interview:

“I think a lot of the excess of my 20s also had a lot to do with suffering from clinical depression. I had suffered from it since I was a teenager and was only diagnosed when I was 27 and 28. That made a lot of sense to me. It explained why I went looking for self-esteem in all the wrong places: sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll. That understanding was also kind of important for me. It’s only now that I’ve managed to start taking anti-depressants and feel happy.”

Fortunately for him, Brian Molko made a significant change that would affect his life by receiving medication. While his struggles affected the entire band’s career, Molko’s treatment paid off. He most recently released ‘Never Let Me Go’ with his band in March 2022 and hit the road for a tour. He faced difficulties dealing with health problems, as he did at the concert in 2016. However, he continues to create successful works for his audience by getting out of the situation that he realized was harming his health.