Chris Shiflett Asserts That Foo Fighters Continues Being All Members’ Priority

Chris Shiflett sat down to discuss with Kyle Meredith and talk about his work with Foo Fighters, which takes priority over everything else, as well as his latest single and upcoming solo album that he has managed to work on between breaks.

As a creative, the guitarist would like to work on a few different projects, but when it comes down to which route takes greater importance, it is not even a question as his role in Foo Fighters always comes first as it takes up a massive part of his life by being constant.

The sentiment is shared by his bandmates, so the Foos take over everyone’s priority list, but whenever Chris has a spare moment to work on something else that he might want to pursue, he takes those moments of stillness and turns them into art, such as his new single ‘Black Top, White Lines.’

Chris Shiflett’s words about Foo Fighters being his priority read:

“I mean, it’s a tough thing squeezing it, squeezing in, you know when to do solo stuff here and there because, you know, like Foo Fighters is a full-time band that’s just that’s a life it’s not even a band it’s just it’s such a massive part of your life you know, and it’s the priority you know of course so yeah there’s that, and that’s always there’s always something going on there, and then there’s my family, and that’s the other that’s like those two things, and then there’s sort of all the other stuff I do it’s just kind of in the margins you know.”

Despite the go-go lifestyle of Foo Fighters and his time for his family, Shiflett takes any time he can get to work on his solo career. The new track is just the beginning as the guitarist has a solo album to release, but he has to factor it all around the upcoming Foo Fighters tour, as his main focus is to fulfill his role in the band.