Chris Cornell’s Wife Vicky Shares An Emotional Open Letter, ‘You Left Us With A Lifetime Of Memories’

Chris Cornell’s wife, Vicky, recently shared an Instagram post to celebrate Mother’s Day and their wedding anniversary. She wrote that she is grateful to the late singer for the love he gave and for leaving behind a lifetime of memories.

Late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and Vicky Karayiannis met in Paris in 2003 while Cornell was doing a concert tour in France with Audioslave, and they got married in 2004. They stayed married for 13 years until Cornell’s death. The couple has two children together, Toni and Christopher.

They were very engaged in philanthropic causes as they founded a non-profit organization named the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation in 2012. Unfortunately, the rocker passed away on May 18, 2017, at the age of 52, after committing suicide. Vicky sued his doctor, accusing him of overprescribing drugs that eventually caused his death. She has kept honoring the late singer’s legacy since his death.

Vicky stated that it would have been their 18th wedding anniversary together if Cornell had been alive in her recent Instagram post. She explained she had been still trying to deal with the complicated feelings of grieving. Yet, she feels grateful for the immense love they shared. Vicky thanked Chris for finding and loving her and for the great memories he left behind. She ended her post by celebrating their 18th anniversary and wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day.

The caption of Vicky Cornell’s Instagram post read:

“Today, Chris and I would celebrate 18 years since our wedding day. It is a bittersweet day, it always is, but today, even more so as it falls on Mother’s Day. I continue trying to make my way through this process of grief, doing my best to be positive through what’s a somewhat painful day. I find gratitude for the immense love we shared that many never get to experience in their lifetime.

And today, I also get to celebrate the two beautiful humans we created together, along with the man who made me a mother. The man who gave me my two greatest gifts, my two reasons why. Thank you, Chris, for finding me, choosing me, and loving me. You left us with a lifetime of memories. Eighteen years ago today, it started with you and me. So I celebrate that, and I celebrate us becoming four simultaneously this Mother’s Day.

My love for you will never fade or change, and today, your babies and I thank our lucky stars; you were ours. Happy Anniversary, my love. Thank you for making a mama to the most beautiful babies, my Toni & Christopher. I am, we are, forever grateful for every second with you. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, and think of all who celebrate today with a heavy heart. You are not alone.”

You can check out the photo she shared below.

Photo Credit: Vicky Cornell – Instagram