Ted Nugent Reflects On His Tenure With The Amboy Dukes And Damn Yankees

During his recent live stream on his official YouTube channel, Ted Nugent said that he was pretty lucky to work with good rhythm sections during his tenure with his current band, the Amboy Dukes and Damn Yankees.

Throughout his long-lasting career spanning over five decades now, Ted Nugent made a name for himself in the music scene as one of the successful rock stars of the late 1970s and the early 1980s. Although he has been divisive at some points due to his controversial statements, the rocker has maintained his popularity to this day. Nugent stepped into his professional music career with the Amboy Dukes, formed in 1964.

The band released a few successful singles, and then Uncle Ted eventually went solo. His multi-platinum albums like ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ and ‘Double Live Gonzo!’ arrived during this period. After proving himself more as a lead vocalist, he joined the supergroup Damn Yankees in 1989. His debut studio album with Damn Yankees was a critical commercial success, but when the follow-up album wasn’t well-received, the band dissolved, and Nugent returned to his solo journey.

In his latest live stream on YouTube, the rocker stated that he is thrilled to work with the drummer Jason Hartless and the bassist Greg Smith in his current lineup as they form a powerful rhythm section together. Then, he also recalled his former bands, the Amboy Dukes and Damn Yankees, and revealed that we always worked with incredibly talented musicians who substantially contributed to his music. Nugent thinks every one of his rhythm sections has been quite good up until now.

Ted Nugent speaking on the rhythms sections he has worked with so far:

“My band, Jason Hartless on drums, Greg Smith on the bass guitar, is the rhythm powerhouse that every guitar player, every musician, every entertainer dreams of what Greg and Jason put into my music, just like every one of my rhythm sections. Going all the way back to the Lourds in Detroit, I talked to Tom Noel last week.

We got together and created the Lourds in 1960. I’m keeping in touch with Tom and Jim Butler, just killer drummers for young boys. We weren’t even teenagers. I think I was 12 when I started out of the Lourds. Right through the Amboy Dukes, all my killer solo bands and the Ted Nugent music, certainly the Damn Yankees, Michael Cartellone and Jack Blades, and Tommy Shaw.”

You can watch his live stream below.