The Band David Gilmour Wished To Join Before Pink Floyd

We’re relatively used to seeing prominent rock artists expressing their admiration for fellow musicians, especially those who inspired them when they were young. Yet sometimes, there are also instances where artists have confessed their wish to be a member of the musical acts that have contributed to their artistic endeavors. This is not surprising, considering most young musicians dream of joining or forming a popular band one day.

Their wish to be a member of an iconic act usually has nothing to do with the success they ultimately achieve, as there have been instances where legends have expressed their wish to be a part of other icons’ projects or bands. This was also the case with Pink Floyd’s guitar genius, David Gilmour. There was one particular rock band that tremendously inspired the musician in his youth, and he once confessed that he would have loved to be a member.

David Gilmour Wanted To Be A Beatles Member Before Pink Floyd

The Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour is known to be a huge Beatles fan, as he has repeatedly praised the band in various conversations. As a young artist, the guitarist performed the Beatles’ classics at the very beginning of his musical journey. Apparently, just listening to their music was not enough for Gilmour as he wanted to be more involved in the Beatles and have a close creative partnership with the band members.

I really wish I had been in the Beatles,” David revealed in a 2015 issue of Mojo magazine, talking about the Beatles’ strong influence on him. “They taught me how to play guitar; I learned everything. The bass parts, the lead, the rhythm, everything. They were fantastic.”

Even if his wish to become a Beatle didn’t come true, Gilmour had a chance to collaborate with one of them. The Pink Floyd guitarist performed amazing guitar works in Paul McCartney‘s three solo studio albums. He first appeared in 1984’s ‘Give My Regards to Broad Street’ and was featured on the song ‘No More Lonely Nights,’ which became a worldwide top 10 hit.

Later, David Gilmour also collaborated with Paul McCartney in his 1989 record, ‘Flowers in the Dirt,’ and played the electric guitar on ‘We Got Married.’ Another McCartney record featuring Gilmour was 1999’s ‘Run Devil Run.’ The musician took a more active role this time, and besides the electric guitar, he also contributed to the record with backing vocals and lap steel guitar.

Aside from his partnership with Paul McCartney, the Pink Floyd legend also covered the Beatles’ ‘Here, There and Everywhere‘ featured in the band’s 1966 album ‘Revolver.’ Gilmour’s version of the classic track appeared on Mojo magazine’s ‘David Gilmour & Friends’ compilation CD, supplemented with their 2015 issue. The guitarist recorded the song with his son Joe and was appreciated for his beautiful rendition of the Beatles hit.

You can listen to David Gilmour’s version of ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ below.